Now you can be in on the ground floor of the hottest new marketing craze. SMS Mobile Text Marketing.

SMS Mobile Text Marketing is an incredibly affordable method of advertising that can produce instant results. You’ve seen it on various types of advertising or even American Idol ( text -“xxxxx” to vote for some artist).

clickdaddy mobile marketing

SMS – Mobile Text Marketing

ClickDaddy will set you up with a super cool sms mobile text marketing system with your very own number and text marketing system. It even double as a complete virtual PBX if you need one for your business! Check this out:

  • Your Own Custom Number
  • Custom Keyword Campaigns
  • Traffic Driving Auto Responders
  • Build a subscription for immediate marketing

The sale price of SMS Mobile Text Marketing is only $149.00 and includes everything listed above. Remember, this is a Limited Offer and is only available to new and registered members of ClickDaddy. Registration is FREE.

Imagine your very own text marketing program with a “set it and forget it” system hosted and managed entirely by ClickDaddy. So, let’s say you’re a pizza restaurant. You might have your keyword be “pizza”. And, whenever someone texts that keyword to your phone number, they’ll get an automatic response from your system that invites them to your store. Or, maybe you’re running a mobile coupon. Or, maybe you’re just building a mobile subscriber list and every week you blast out a new offer or special.

The possibilities are limitless and the best part is you have professional management running the whole thing for you.

The price reflects a one time set-up fee. After that, there is a monthly hosting fee to cover the cost of servers, hosting, maintenance, and tech support.

 Posted on : August 2, 2014 - Last updated on Aug 12, 2014